About Fast Parts Europe

Hello, I’m Chris Link. I was born in Germany and after I finished my apprenticeship with Mercedes Benz, I left for the Australian shores. I became an Australian citizen in 1989.

In my 34 years as a contractor in the repair industry (Earth-moving, Marine, Mining, Agricultural, Automotive), I always found if a part had to be ordered from overseas the lead times are just to long and frustrating. Time is money and it seems suppliers keep only inventory, which turns over quick. All other parts have to be ordered with considerable delay.

You can now bypass all that!

I have based myself in Germany, and have successfully re-established my old contacts and made new ones also.

Please contact me with your parts requirements. I can source them and give you an accurate estimate, including delivery to your doorstep. You simply deposit your funds in an Australian bank account, Pay via Paypal or pay by Credit Card.

Air Freight Delivery Every Night

We deliver air freight every night to Frankfurt International Airport. You can track your parts over the internet right until it arrives at your door step!

Simple. Fast. Effective.

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